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Our Manifesto

We believe reading on a screen should be as simple and beautiful of an experience as reading on a page. Interacting with metadata should be as intuitive as interacting with the text itself, no matter what device you use.

Segetes is a simple, elegant framework that enables you to build web applications for publishing texts and aggregating, discovering, and extracting metadata. Applications built with Segetes have the ability to share seamlessly between each other and can create decentralized networks.

Related Passages

Built in text reuse algorithms to map connections between your texts and others


Support for associating audio, video, and images with your text and inviting the community to upload their own


Archive your data and share it with your choice of several different NEH-recognised data formats


Send all or select items of your data seamlessly between other sites using the Segetes framework and powerful API


Import citations using APIs from major academic search engines to put your work in context


Extract and recognise named entities from your text and create an index of passages where they appear


If you're text is poetry, include metrical data for each line


Use a dictionary to display definitions of words in your passages


Include public-domain commentary for your text or create and edit your own

Hover, Select, Expand

Simply hover over the text and click the plus to expand critical data related to the target passage to enrich engagement and understanding



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This site uses Segetes to render the works of Vergil as networked texts. Start exploring them below.

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