Our Mission

Reading on a screen should be as simple and beautiful experience as reading on a page, and interacting with data and metadata relating to a text should be as intuitive as interacting with the text itself, whether in a book, through a web browser, or via an API. Segetes seeks clarity in complexity and emphasizes usability for a wide range of user experiences.

Segetes's goal is to provide both the means for aggregating relevant data and architecture for creating scalable, enduring web applications that publish that data to the international community of learners. It provides simple, elegant solutions for curating and interacting with the source texts, removing barriers between user and data.


What is Segetes?

Segetes is a framework for building web applications that render networked texts and extract/discover/aggregate metadata from those texts. This site serves as an example with the work of Vergil.

The Segetes framework offers the means of providing collaborative, publicly-available metadata for any text. The website you're currently viewing serves as an example, focusing specifically on the work of Vergil.

What if I find an error on this site?

Please let us know! Create an issue here, and we'll address it as soon as we're able.

How to Cite Segetes/Vergil

We support a permanent CTS URN resolver for citing this web application and others built with the Segetes framework. You can query this service in the follow method:[document_body]:[author_urn].[work_urn](:[subwork_number](.[line_number_from](-[line_number_to])

So, for example, a permanent citation which references Segetes/Vergil's Eclogues 2.10, the URN request would look like this:

The author URNs we support are the following:

Publius Vergilius Maro: phi0690

The work URNs we support are the following:

Eclogues: phi001

Georgics: phi002

Aeneid: phi003

If there's any other questions for more specific citations or materials, please address them to

Uploading Media

If you upload media to include with a passage of Vergil, please ensure that the the media is licensed with the ability to be reproduced, such as with a Creative Commons license for the applicable media. Moderators will review all uploaded content before including it with the source passage to ensure the content is able to be hosted on Segetes.

Please ensure to include attribution details where appropriate for the source of the media.

Who We Are

Currently, there is a community of researchers editing data for the Segetes Vergil site, and primary development is undertaken by programmer and poet/translator, Luke Hollis.

Otherwise, Segetes has an open source codebase on Github. Learn more about the project, current issues, and how to contribute there.